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This and many more events give the overall media position The Company has held over the years to display news worthy items. From Hollywood media events to the boardrooms of Utility companies, over the years The Company has served many such clients, such as;



Arthur Godfrey drives MARS II Electric Car from Detroit to Ann Arbor, Michigan

Meeting with University of Michigan on "ENACT DAY" or "EARTH DAY"


On March 11, 1970, Arthur Godfrey drove the MARS II Electric Car from the Pontchartrain Hotel in Detroit, Michigan to the Holiday Inn West Ann Arbor, Michigan, a distance of 60 miles on Interstate Highway 94 at speeds up to 65 mph.  He spoke about this trip on his daily noon radio program on March 23, 1970.

Follow the link below to hear Arthur tell about this trip in his Deep, rich voice: