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Company History


Apollo Energy Systems, Inc. (AES) has taken over the technology, developments and customers of its Licensor, Electric Fuel Propulsion Corporation (EFP) and has fallen heir to everything that was accomplished by EFP (EFP is now a technology holding company with 120 shareholders but no operations.)  Therefore, AES's history starts with the formation of EFP in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1966 and the landmark test of the MARS I Electric Car by Shilstone Testing Laboratories  in that year which showed that the MARS I had a useful cruising range of 120 miles on a charge, something unheard of for electric cars of that time.

Here are some noted events in The Company's history:


1953: Development of the Tri--Polar Lead Cobalt Battery in Battery Plant in Pert Rico.
1966: Shilstone testing the Mars I electric car [useful cruising range 120 miles]. The formation of Electric Fuel Propulsion Corp. (EFP).
1967: GM testing of the Mars II electric car.
Maximum range 146 miles

Great transcontinental electric car race; between Cal Tech + MIT. Cal tech was the winner using the Tri-Polar Lead Cobalt Batteries.
[3398 miles on the Trip]

1969: Design and construction of the Silver Volt electric car.

Clean air car race;  the winning vehicle equipped with Tri-polar Lead Cobalt Battery.
[3600 miles on the Trip]

1980: Assembly of Silver Volt electric cars in Free-port, Bahamas.  Performance testing was also done by the Detroit Testing Laboratory.
1982: Road tested the Silver Volt from California to Tijuana, Mexico and also Palm Springs, California to Los Angeles.
1988: Battery Plant construction in China for industrial & submarine batteries.

Formation of Electric Auto Corporation (EAC),
an exclusive world-wide licensee of EFP technologies.

 1999: Professor kordesch (the father of the Alkaline Fuel Cell ) and his research group at the University of Graz, Austria, developed and patented the Mark 1 Apollo Fuel Cell with circulating electrolyte.
2001: EAC changed its name to
Apollo Energy Systems, Inc.
 2002: Apollo temporarily took over operation of fuel cell plant in Cologne, Germany. Experience gained with this operation led Apollo to redesign its fuel cell without precious metal catalyst.
 2005: Ammonia cracker patented, leading way to use of ammonia as the hydrogen containing fuel for the AFC.
 2006: US Patent granted for new improved Lead Foam Battery. Began R & D project on lead foam to increase the energy and power density of the Apollo Tripolar Lead-Cobalt Battery.
 2008: Moved to new facility in powerline Business Park, Pompano Beach.
 2014: Commenced R & D on Mark 2 Apollo Alkaline Fuel Cell with non-Precious Metal Catalyst under Dr. Peter Kalal and Dr. Viktor Hacker, prior members of Dr. Kordesch’s original group.
 2015: Expanded Pompano Beach facility to include 7,500 sq. ft. alkaline fuel cell Pilot Production Plant and 3,000 sq. ft. Tripolar Lead-Cobalt Battery Assembly Plant.